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British Pride & The British Library

May 17, 2012
Shakespeare and Company
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A recent poll in the BBC News revealed which British symbols made participants most proud.

The results listed in order:



National Trust (conservation charity)

Armed Forces

Union Jack

The Pound (currency)

NHS (health system)

The Monarchy

BBC (media)

Sporting Achievements

The Beatles

The Legal System



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You can view an early printing of Shakespeare’s work and original handwritten lyrics by The Beatles

in the ‘Treasures Room’ at the British Library’s St Pancras location (London)


The world’s largest library in terms of items, this library is primarily used for research


Famous documents such as the Magna Carta (on view) as well as original writings by Da Vinci (on view),

Darwin, and countless others are housed there


With most books out of view,

you can register for a ‘reader pass’ to enter a reading room and request a book

but it will take an hour to two days for your item to be retrieved


When I asked if my kids could see any children’s books,  the nice man laughed

and said ‘ironically, they need to be 18 years old to see them here’


I’m curious what you think is ‘the best of Britain’?


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