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Bond Girl For A Day Or Two

September 29, 2013

While our book club has covered many wonderful authors and correlating activities this year,

I have to say this James Bond study has been my favorite so far

It has been ridiculously fun!

Here’s the lowdown…

Zipping through London along the River Thames at a top speed of 35 knots,

this RIB boat ride had us grinning from ear to ear with a few bugs in our teeth

Vowing to bring our kids next time,

this is the best way to see London from the water via London RIB Voyages

Bond Girl For A Day Or Two
We opted for the James Bond themed ride – Bond music included

Visit tucked-away Duke’s Hotel in the heart of London

where Bond’s author, Ian Fleming, enjoyed his martinis

and Sean Connery celebrated being cast as James Bond

(also a frequent Bond film location)

Bond Girl For A Day Or Two
Offers afternoon tea and/or martinis concocted from a table-side cart

Celebrating ‘50 Vehicles. 50 Years.’,

Beaulieu’s National Motor Museum

 is exhibiting the creatively cool collection of

jetpacks, submarines, cars, motorcycles, and flying contraptions featured in Bond films

(temporary exhibit)

Bond Girl For A Day Or Two
A huge hit with my son

Worthy of a standing ovation, Richard Walker’s enthusiasm rubbed off on all of us

as we learned the back story of author Ian Fleming

and true accounts of spies operating in London during his time

A two hour guided walking tour by London Walks

Bond Girl For A Day Or Two
We spied Eon Productions, the film production company producing James Bond film series

Shaken, not stirred…

Lastly, we strutted over to Jack’s Lounge in London’s Southwark district

for a cocktail class with some friendly competition within our group

Learning about bartender tools and how to properly shake a drink,

 we made yummy Passion Fruit Martinis and

complicated Flaming Orange Cosmopolitans

Bond Girl For A Day Or Two

Here’s a few ideas we didn’t get to…

Through Brit Movie Tours, visit Pinewood Studios where many Bond movies have been filmed

Imperial War Museum hosts ‘Horrible Histories: Spies’,

a fun interactive exhibit in London for families

Be a stunt car driver for the day on a challenging specialized track

Give high-speed parallel parking a try after you make a reverse spin

Offered by Top Gear’s Paul Swift Precision Driving

near Guildford, Milton Keynes, and Durham

(would be a total blast with my husband)

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