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Delightfully Unusual Pubs in London

October 7, 2016

London is one of my favorite cities because it cleverly combines beautifully old with incredibly hip. And in the case of these three pubs, aged meets cool with an unexpected twist. Check these out…
Usual London Pubs


The Prospect of Whitby

Surprisingly, few London restaurants or pubs grace the water’s edge despite the River Thames cutting through the capital city. Situated in Wapping between Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf ,  The Prospect of Whitby benefits from a magnificent view on the river.

Proudly the oldest riverside pub in London (circa 1520), fascinating trivia adorns the walls throughout this fairly large establishment. Historical tidbits range from ghost sightings and a smuggler hangout to the original trading point of the first fuchsia (flower) from the New World.

Patrons may prefer sitting inside the waterside walled garden or grabbing a table in one of the cozy dining areas. Like many English pubs, The Prospect of Whitby felt family friendly (although the next two pubs, not so much).


Evans Peel Detective Pub London

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Evans & Peel Detective Agency creates a unique experience in central London’s Earls Court. To book a table at this speakeasy, one must submit a case online for the detective agency to accept. Thankfully my case of amnesia was approved for further investigation.

Upon arrival, we met a detective in a dimly lit office fitted with an old typewriter, worn desk, and full bookcase. A bar and dining area were revealed behind a secret entrance after briefly discussing the case’s details. Going forward, the play-acting stopped.

The menu included some food but focused more on drinks. The 1920’s ambiance paired well with the theme.


Unusual Pubs London Mayor Scaredy Cat Town

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

You have to be in the know to enter this unmarked pub curiously named The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town in Spitalfields.

You enter The Breakfast Club cafe and approach the host/hostess with the password phrase, “I’m here to see the Mayor”. Then you are whisked through a Smeg refrigerator and descend stairs to a small, quirky basement bar enveloped in wood paneling.

Advance bookings are not accepted so there can be a wait – but where else can you walk through a refrigerator with a secret password?

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  • Reply Patricia October 7, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Those all sound ‘brilliant’ as they would say in London ! Really enjoy your blog – very informative and lots of fun to read all at the same time – thanks so much !

    • Reply Lulu October 9, 2016 at 5:53 pm

      Thank you, Patricia. Your comment warms my heart!

  • Reply Caitlin Clark October 8, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    This is amazing. When I visit London, and I definitely will, I’ll need to write these places down so I can go. I’m also going to try and see if any of the music venues where some of my all time favorite bands played early on are still open. Like the Ruskin Arms pub or Cart and Horse pubs, where Iron Maiden got their start, are still open. Just to soak up the experience of being in a pub where one of the biggest metal bands ever first played.

  • Reply Lulu October 9, 2016 at 6:48 am

    That’s a great idea! Maybe add to your list http://www.troubadourlondon.com in Earls Court – a cool little downstairs venue with solid music history.

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