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Belgium MY STORY

Road Trip To Brussels

April 11, 2011

Travel to Brussels Belgium

Here’s my birthday weekend recap in Brussels

It was really exciting to celebrate the big 3-0 (wink wink) with girlfriends in Belgium

Road Trip!

We drove our car onto the Channel Tunnel train

It looked like we were driving into a cattle car

This is the inside of the train car

We parked here for 20 minutes during the underground crossing and stayed in our car

Yep, the train went under the English Channel

And yes, Nervous Nellie had a panic attack!

Once the train resurfaced in France, we drove on to Brussels

And saw…

Godiva chocolate covered fruit

Flower market in the square

(excuse the finger smudge on the photo)

Sidewalk cafes, markets, Belgian waffles, beer and of course…


I did it!!

I tried escargot too – but I wouldn’t recommend eating that attached sucker foot 🙂

Not bad in a white wine & garlic marinade

What new food did you try this weekend?

I want to hear all about it


More about the Channel Tunnel: Nervous Nellie Goes To France


Bruges, Belgium
Belgium MY STORY

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