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England: Cotswolds

England: Cotswolds NATURE + GARDENS

A Day At Hidcote Manor Garden

Deprived of taking photos at Prince Charles’s Highgrove, I was itching to photograph a garden Almost any garden would do! – But I decided to trek to Hidcote Manor Gardens, which has sat at the top of my must-see list for years It is one of…

October 6, 2012
England: Cotswolds

Images From The Cotswolds

My kids are away for the week on a school trip, so I’ve had a chance to see more of England at a more leisurely pace Here’s a few photos from the week that to me seem unmistakably British A tour of Prince Charles’s private garden…

September 20, 2012
A visit to the Cotswolds
England: Cotswolds NATURE + GARDENS

A Weekend In The Cotswolds

I am blessed with the dearest family that is willing to go on another Mommy Adventure This time to the Cotswolds Last Autumn we visited the Cotswolds region that spans 6 counties for our fabulous Feather Down Farms tent-camp experience This time we were…

July 22, 2011
England: Cotswolds FAMILY ACTIVITIES

Muddy Boots & Glam-ping

Have you ever wanted to camp at a working dairy farm? Me neither 🙂 Let’s just put it out there that my idea of fun camping is a gentle cross-breeze through the house with a good snuggle by the (electric) fireplace. Then one of…

September 14, 2010