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Borde Hill Garden: My English Garden Fix

September 9, 2013

 Having not visited a garden all summer,

yesterday my family and I headed out to Borde Hill Garden in West Sussex

with our little puppy, Millie, in tow

(her first big outing)

Described as

‘One of the country’s truly great gardens’ by Country Life magazine,

I was thrilled to have the 17 acre garden to ourselves

thanks to the heavy rain

(which I insisted would subside any minute) (I was so wrong)

Borde Hill English Garden

And although the garden was past its prime in September,

it was still stunning nonetheless

with its Elizabethan mansion in the background

(still occupied by the same family since 1893)

and The Italian Garden

– what a view –

Borde Hill Garden: My English Garden Fix

The photo below was taken with my favorite camera lens app, Pro HDR

It creates depth in landscape shots, sometimes even better than my fancy camera

It takes two photos – one under-exposed and one over-exposed – and places

one on top of the other to create a photograph like magic

Borde Hill Garden: My English Garden Fix

So now with the heat on in the house for the first time in a while,

I wish you a wonderful week ahead

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