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Skiing In Europe

February 26, 2013

We found a good deal for a weekend in Switzerland, so we hopped at the chance to go

One reason we went was to feel some sunshine at last!

Snow Skiing in Europe

Still new to the whole ‘skiing in Europe’ thang, here’s a few observations:

1. You can ski in most European countries including Portugal, Poland, and Bulgaria

2. You can ski over country borders at some resorts (how cool is that?!)

3. Notice the key on the trail map,

as beginner runs may be marked blue in Switzerland and Austria or green in Spain and Sweden

4. Don’t assume you can ski to the bottom of the mountain

You may need to take a train, tram, or gondola down

5. Europeans make more use of the mountain than Americans

such as chill out zones with hammocks, lounge chairs, and a tiki bar

and an extensive network of sledding runs

6. At our resort, a computer checked our tickets, which opened the gates

7. Although I’ve never tried it, did you know there is snow skiing in Scotland
and even in England’s Pennines and Lake District?

8. And if you seek snow fun without the travel,
we found some indoors at an ’adventure plaza’ in Milton Keynes

Trying to make the most of winter, but I must admit I am ready for the sun to bust a move
and get those blooms going!

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