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Stunning costal view from Ridgeway Boulevard in Marin Country
California Living In England My Story

Reflections On England & America

Our family lived outside London for the last four years and I miss a lot of things… friends, bucolic England, exciting London, and learning learning learning all the time Having relocated to Northern California last summer, I now have a firmer grasp of both cultures Here’s a…

March 11, 2015
Repatriating and Moving Home To The US
My Story

In Flight: Returning Home

Today our family’s flight path takes a new turn as we settle back in the US – – The literal flight path will take us over Greenland’s icy waters and then deliver us to our summery new hometown which I imagine will feel foreign…

June 26, 2014
Mailboxes a symbol of America
My Story

You Know You’re In America When…

– …you see – mailboxes with little flags American robins yellow school buses light switch on the lamp, not the cord washer & dryer that can do a week’s worth of clothes in two loads free drink refills a proper glass of iced tea…

April 28, 2014
Thanksgiving Hedgerows UK
Living In England Nature + Gardens

Thanksgiving’s Hedgerows

As America celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow – a day of loved ones, traditional food, and American football – my family and I will celebrate our fourth year in a nation that doesn’t pause for the holiday – We have a new normal with new traditions,…

November 27, 2013
An American Perspective
Living In England

Observations Of England Through An American Lens

I have an ever-growing list of differences between our two countries Perhaps you will find these interesting… Custom Art by Off The Map Art When an American refers to Washington, they are typically referring to the state on the West Coat In England, ‘Washington’…

October 8, 2013
Election Night at US Embassy
Living In England

Election Night At The US Embassy

What better place to watch the election unfold than in the US Embassy in London?! { cameras not allowed, so all from my phone } The Embassy was all lit up and with tight security * * Live Dixieland music greeted us – so…

November 9, 2012
Living In England

Identity Through Sports: US vs UK

  Displayed during the Summer Olympics * A local taxi driver recently mentioned the county of Middlesex disappeared in 1965 when divided among counties Surrey, Hertfordshire, and Greater London And then he said, I guess it would be like one of your American states becoming…

September 8, 2012
My Story

Why Many Americans Don’t Hold A Passport

Some Europeans are shocked that less than half of American citizens hold a passport (I’ve heard as few as 38%) * It is quite expensive to travel abroad from the US, and the passport application is not cheap * * Those who do travel…

July 7, 2012
4th of July 2-003
My Story

About The 4th Of July

My favorite holiday of the year is the 4th Of July No longer a celebration of gaining independence from England (parts of the US belonged to France, Spain and Russia as well) this hot summer bank holiday is welcomed by all * People decked out…

July 3, 2012
Queen Elizabeth II
Living In England

What Americans Really Think Of The Monarchy

Americans are misunderstood when it comes to the Royal Family and I’m feeling the need to write about it * * Strangely, I often get the sense from the English they think Americans on some repressed level regret gaining independence from Great Britain * In a…

May 19, 2012