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Thanksgiving Hedgerows UK
Living In England Nature + Gardens

Thanksgiving’s Hedgerows

As America celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow – a day of loved ones, traditional food, and American football – my family and I will celebrate our fourth year in a nation that doesn’t pause for the holiday – We have a new normal with new traditions,…

November 27, 2013
Autumn Arrives In Surrey
Nature + Gardens

Autumn Arrives In Surrey

With autumn comes the familiar rain, darkness, and chill –  Fog in the fields – – Warming soups Fires in the fireplace Chunky sweaters Bulky blankets Apples dropping Pumpkins to be picked Blackberry brambles picked over – – A rain shower of acorns started by…

October 25, 2013
Fanciful Toadstools in England
Great Britain: To Do + See Nature + Gardens

Fanciful Toadstools

  I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on these beauties when we first moved to England * I thought they only existed in fairy tales Don’t you love their girly ‘skirts’? * These are Fly Agaric toadstools and are ‘toadstools’ by…

November 7, 2012
Guy Fawkes
History Living In England

Guy Fawkes Night And Other Holidays

On the heels of Halloween  is Guy Fawkes Night (aka Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night) * Bonfire Night will be observed all weekend Officially it is on November 5th * In 1605, Guy Fawkes and his Catholic crew attempted to blow up Parliament and (Protestant) King James I in…

November 3, 2012
Halloween in England
History Living In England

Halloween in England

Last night, there was no question trick-or-treating had a stronger foothold in our area – – Whereas only a quarter of houses offered sweets two years ago, I’d guess as many as half of the neighbors participated on the same street this year –…

November 1, 2012
Autumn in England
Nature + Gardens

An Autumn Canvas

– Celebrating my third autumn in England, this year has been the most beautiful by far – – Maples (acers) and virginia creepers are clothed in crimson Beech trees dot the landscape in copper while birch’s paint brush is dipped in amber – – I…

October 30, 2012
American Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral
Living In England London: To Do + See

An American Thanksgiving In The UK

I thought you may enjoy some details of my English Thanksgiving yesterday After dropping the kids off at school, I skipped into London with some girlfriends to St. Paul’s Cathedral for an American church service Although there were quite a few tents with protester signs,…

November 25, 2011
Halloween In England
Family Activities Living In England

Trick Or Treating In England

In Ireland and Britain during the Middle Ages on Hallowmas { November 1 } people went door-to-door in costume receiving food in return for prayers for the dead Fast-forward to 1895 for the first record of ’guising’ in Scotland, where children in disguise visited neighbors performing a poem, song,…

October 31, 2011