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Driving in England

Driving On The Left
Living In England

Driving On The Left

 Reflecting on passing my driving test 2 years ago, I now find myself to be an ‘ambidextrous driver’ – Which means, when I look at a road with no markings I could pull into either lane, as they both feel right (!) – –…

February 6, 2013
vintage 1950s
Living In England My Story

The Driving Test Saga Continues

Thank you for all the well-wishes and for following for what feels like a never-ending tale of getting my UK Driver’s License. What great troopers you are!  – For a quick recap, it is a three-step process which takes at least 6 months to…

March 26, 2011
Retro VW
Living In England

Nervous Nellie Gets A UK Drivers License, Part III

  So let’s just cut to the chase. Nervous Nellie FAILED! I can’t believe I actually failed the Hazard Perception part of the driving test. The horror! – The Hazard Perception test is like playing a video game with cars pulling out in front…

January 15, 2011
UK Driver's License
Living In England My Story

Nervous Nellie Gets A UK Drivers License, Part I

– Remember when Nervous Nellie went to France through the Chunnel? Well, I’m she’s back! and now needing to start the process of getting herself a UK driver’s license. – So I have less than one year to complete two written tests and a practical driving exam…

October 6, 2010
Mini Cooper
Living In England

Recounting First Day Driving

– When I woke up on my second day in England, I was gripped by the panic of driving. My hubby was going to work the next day, and I would need to drive for errands, grocery shopping, etc. Grab the horns of that…

July 30, 2010