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England In Bloom, Henley
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England In Spring Bloom

My camera was very busy last month for we had three months of blooming crushed into just one month due to the third coldest Spring on record – – From camellias to primroses, daffodils to tulips, – – from rhododendrons to rapeseed fields, bluebells…

June 2, 2013
English Garden Tips and Trends
Nature + Gardens

English Garden Tips & Trends

With Spring taking it’s time this year to show its lovely face, I am chomping at the bit for some warmth and sunshine – I’ve collected pages from magazines and such over the years to remember English garden tricks and tips for when I…

March 15, 2013
Funny Trees
Nature + Gardens

Funny Trees

Linden/lime (Tilia) trees in winter  * Throughout Europe you find these Dr Seuss-esque trees with nubby branches  * Practiced since medieval times in Europe, trees have been ‘pollarded’ for wood and for livestock feed (fodder)  * Today the technique is used to shape trees,…

November 16, 2012