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Camel Rides near Marrakesh
Family Activities Travel

Morocco: Adventures From Marrakesh

So to continue the story from my last post… Thanks to airline mileage, we had free tickets in hand for the first portion of our trip – London. From there we were to go on to Jordan, but we canceled a week before departure due to…

January 13, 2017
Surf yoga Moroccoan

3 Days of Adventure Travel in Agadir, Morocco

Once a year, I join a group of treasured friends somewhere in the world for a yoga retreat. So when I read “surf and yoga in Morocco”, I knew I couldn’t pass up the adventurous destination or the soul-filling connection with girlfriends. Morocco is…

November 7, 2016
Yosemite In A Day
California: To Do + See History Nature + Gardens

Yosemite In A Day

One thing we learned from living in Europe was traveling shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for school holidays Sometimes you just have to take the time you’ve been given, and for us, we had one weekend in May put aside to visit Yosemite National Park Yosemite was…

May 20, 2015
Autumn hike in Surrey
Nature + Gardens

Tromping Through Autumn

The last few days have been really warm (big smile), so I grabbed my furry photographer assistant, and he brought his very happy tail. We tromped through the woods together and got lost. But only a few times. A healthy lost. I think the…

November 5, 2010
Family Activities Great Britain: To Do + See

Crazy Quaint Shere

I bought this wonderful book, ‘Footpaths for Fitness Surrey’ by David Weller. We have been making our way through many chapters, and enjoying each of them. The highlight, so far, has been our walk in Shere, Surrey. This quaint village has picturesque buildings, amazing…

August 31, 2010