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Moving: Living In The Space Between

June 5, 2014

Last week the movers packed up the container

and took everything we own to the dock to be shipped out tomorrow

I admit I was a bit misty-eyed as the truck’s doors were locked and secured

with homemade artwork and favorite acquired treasures inside

So many memories packed into one container!


the shipment is due to arrive the US port on the 4th of July

In advance

we had to power wash our bikes to remove all dirt

and rid of items that were raw, untreated wood

in order to pass successfully through US Customs

We are hoping for a speedy customs clearance

so we can get our lives unpacked and settled in quickly

With our furniture gone,

we are living like university students once more

Using moving boxes as night stands

Two twin beds pushed together

Interior design magazines for ideas in our future home

For a few more weeks we’ll rent furniture

– 3 beds, 1 sofa, 1 table with chairs –

We sold all electrical items with UK plugs,
got rid of our light bulbs,

purged liquids

(incl nail polish remover, cleaning supplies, liquid medicines),

and soon our cupboards will be bare

We’ll do some creative cooking with the few ingredients we do have on hand

It has been a monumental clean out

performed previously just 4 years ago

It is exhausting but then somewhat liberating


For our last days in England
we will sleep in a hotel, and the pets will be in boarding

The house gets a required 3-day professional cleaning

before an inspector comes through with her check-list

(always a daunting day when she comes through)

Feels so strange…

Cheese in the frig will expire after I leave

Fliers announce events I cannot attend

Leaves grow on trees that I won’t see fall this autumn

I will miss my beloved toadstool and conker season

Guy Fawkes Night too

Oddly, my calendar is empty from the next month on

Once we return to the US

we will attend events we aren’t even aware of yet
and we’ll fill the refrigerator with food once more

Thanksgiving will be celebrated traditionally once again

It’s hard to stay in the moment

when the moment feels so unstable

– I’m neither here nor there –

missing my friends and my life here already
while excited to be reunited with friends & family back home
and set up our new life

This is the space between

What next? Returning Home

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