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Moving: Living In The Space Between

Last week the movers packed up the container and took everything we own to the dock to be shipped out tomorrow – I admit I was a bit misty-eyed as the truck’s doors were locked and secured with homemade artwork and favorite acquired treasures…

June 5, 2014
Life as an expat: so many doors
Living In England My Story

Behind The Door

– Since we moved here, I have felt that life is filled with mystery doors Not until the time is right do you get to see what’s on the other side of the door – – For a few months now, we have been…

May 1, 2014
Mailboxes a symbol of America
My Story

You Know You’re In America When…

– …you see – mailboxes with little flags American robins yellow school buses light switch on the lamp, not the cord washer & dryer that can do a week’s worth of clothes in two loads free drink refills a proper glass of iced tea…

April 28, 2014
Thanksgiving Hedgerows UK
Living In England Nature + Gardens

Thanksgiving’s Hedgerows

As America celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow – a day of loved ones, traditional food, and American football – my family and I will celebrate our fourth year in a nation that doesn’t pause for the holiday – We have a new normal with new traditions,…

November 27, 2013
Raising Second Generation Expats
Living In England

Raising Second Generation Expats

Ever wonder what it would be like to live abroad with your family?  – In my last post  I interviewed four American expat moms who described what it was really like  to live in a foreign country when they were kids – – the good…

April 6, 2013
Reflecting on an expat upbringing
Family Activities Living In England

Reflecting On An Expat Upbringing

Due to an overwhelming response on my post ’Where Are You From?’, I decided to write a follow-up from a different angle – Handmade by Jane Foster – Wondering how my children may reflect upon living abroad, I posed questions to four American expat…

April 3, 2013
An Expat Life
Living In England My Story

A Tricky Question: Where Are You From?

I learned early on that asking an expat ‘Where are you from?’ can be a loaded question – Does it mean Where were you born? Where did you last live? Which country do you identify with most? – Vintage luggage via Faye Travis Vintage…

February 21, 2013
Driving On The Left
Living In England

Driving On The Left

 Reflecting on passing my driving test 2 years ago, I now find myself to be an ‘ambidextrous driver’ – Which means, when I look at a road with no markings I could pull into either lane, as they both feel right (!) – –…

February 6, 2013
Interview With Expats Blog
Living In England My Story

Interview By Expats Blog

 Recently, I was approached by Expats Blog for an interview I figured, why not? – – I try to find the right balance of what to share personally online, and I’ve revealed a little more about me in this interview with Expats Blog – I hope…

January 31, 2013