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Picnic at St Clement Vineyard

A Weekend In Napa Valley

I love it when people visit because it forces me to be a tourist again. For a recent girls weekend, I visited Napa Valley located approximately 1.5 hours north of San Francisco. Luckily we hit the vineyards at their peak of fall color just a few weeks ago. The color of the vineyards…

December 4, 2015
Notes From A California Summer Road Trip

Notes From A California Summer Road Trip

What a wonderful, carefree summer we had! I started the new school year with ambitious creative projects underway and plans for a return trip to the UK this month (yay!) My kids recently returned to school and curiously they have California-edition textbooks for science and Spanish California doesn’t…

September 5, 2015
Yosemite In A Day

Yosemite In A Day

One thing we learned from living in Europe was traveling shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for school holidays Sometimes you just have to take the time you’ve been given, and for us, we had one weekend in May put aside to visit Yosemite National Park Yosemite was…

May 20, 2015
A visit to the Cotswolds
England: Cotswolds NATURE + GARDENS

A Weekend In The Cotswolds

I am blessed with the dearest family that is willing to go on another Mommy Adventure This time to the Cotswolds Last Autumn we visited the Cotswolds region that spans 6 counties for our fabulous Feather Down Farms tent-camp experience This time we were…

July 22, 2011
Road trip to Cornwall
England: Cornwall

Roadtrip To South Cornwall (Day Two)

Vintage beauty For a quick recap, a few weeks ago we spent a long weekend in Cornwall, the most western county in England I almost maxed out my camera’s memory card for it only holds 500 photos and I took 450! Kynance Cove Kynance…

May 20, 2011
Bonython Estate Gardens, Cornwall
England: Cornwall

Roadtrip To West Cornwall (Day One)

Thatched roof, garden gate, wisteria – what more do you need? Bonython Estate Gardens, Cornwall I couldn’t help but notice that every time people spoke of Cornwall they had a twinkle in their eye and talked about how fantastic their trip was Beside Cornish hens,…

May 16, 2011
Travel to Brussels Belgium
Belgium MY STORY

Road Trip To Brussels

Here’s my birthday weekend recap in Brussels It was really exciting to celebrate the big 3-0 (wink wink) with girlfriends in Belgium Road Trip! We drove our car onto the Channel Tunnel train It looked like we were driving into a cattle car This…

April 11, 2011