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Kate Middleton
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Royal Birth On Its Way

 With the headlines now reading that the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor, I admit I get all tingly about happy beginnings  – source: Telegraph – It’s not uncommon to hear an English person say ‘Now, I’m not a Royalist but…’ followed by something…

July 22, 2013
George III

From Wigs To Windows

Ever wonder why those 18th-century wigs went out of fashion?  Here’s a good little story… – George III (wikipedia) – The Wig Tax – The fashion in the day for men was horsehair (or goat) wigs, which tended to be scratchy and bug infested…

May 1, 2013
UK History In Film

UK History In Film

Perfect for a rainy day, why not grab a blanket, a cup of tea warm the fireplace and watch a good film  – Such an easy way to learn a little UK history Just pick your time period  – I’ve complied a list of films…

April 13, 2013
Mulberry tree
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James And The Giant Mulberry

…And nope, not the giant peach * In an effort to become more independent from mainland Europe (and perhaps another source of taxation) King James I wanted to bring the silk industry to England * It’s hard to say if the French deliberately misled King…

November 5, 2012
Ceremony of the Keys in London
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London: Ceremony Of The Keys

Tower Of London – Last weekend we attended the Ceremony Of The Keys, one of the oldest ceremonies in England and definitely the shortest – Lasting only seven minutes, we witnessed the official 9:30pm lock up of this national fortress which holds the Crown…

October 28, 2012