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Yosemite In A Day

Yosemite In A Day

One thing we learned from living in Europe was traveling shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for school holidays Sometimes you just have to take the time you’ve been given, and for us, we had one weekend in May put aside to visit Yosemite National Park Yosemite was…

May 20, 2015
Rural English daffodils in spring

The Year Of The Daffodil

This year the daffodils have never looked more spectacular – – They must love wet feet for this has been the wettest winter on record and they’ve never looked better – While England’s national flower is the rose, the daffodil belongs to Wales –…

March 25, 2014
Smoky Sun in Spring in Surrey

A Smoky Sun

It’s not until you stop seeing the sun for a prolonged amount of time that you start to realize the indicators of a longed-for sunny day – Shadows Sunglasses Squinting Sun visor on your car Sunrise Sunset – – After such a bleak winter,…

March 24, 2014
Rapeseed Fields

Yellow Country Lanes of Rapeseed

Right now you may get lucky and find yourself driving by a field of rapeseed in England  – – Like anticipating each holiday, I always look forward to seeing this crop before it is harvested for its vegetable oil (known as Canola in North…

June 9, 2013
England In Bloom, Henley

England In Spring Bloom

My camera was very busy last month for we had three months of blooming crushed into just one month due to the third coldest Spring on record – – From camellias to primroses, daffodils to tulips, – – from rhododendrons to rapeseed fields, bluebells…

June 2, 2013
Chelsea Flower Show, London
England: London NATURE + GARDENS

Chelsea Flower Show 2013: The Gardens

So I quickly learned that on Press Day the international media is mostly there for the celebrities  which was good news for me as the garden designers were hanging around their installments, ready to chat – Birmingham City Council exhibit – So here were my…

May 23, 2013
English Bluebell Beauties
England: General NATURE + GARDENS

English Bluebell Beauties

Growing in ancient forests, the bluebells are at their peak right now A breathtaking blue mist carpeting the forest floor… – – The English bluebell is a protected species found happily growing in ancient woodlands and particularly fond of blooming under beech trees –…

May 14, 2013
The Lambing Season at Bocketts Farm, Leatherhead

The Lambing Season

One of the dearest things to do in Spring is visit a farm during the lambing season And if your timing is right, you may see one being born Thanks to ultrasound, the farm sorts the pregnant ewes into different pens according to how…

April 10, 2013