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Travel Packing Tips

Unique Packing Tips from Advanced Travelers

We started traveling internationally as a family once our youngest could pack and drag her own rolling bag – that was when she turned five. Without a doubt, packing can add stress to an upcoming trip. So I’ve teamed up with well-traveled friends to pluck unique…

August 2, 2017
Best Travel Apps

The Best Apps For Travel

  I fell in love with some new apps this week as we traveled in Mexico. It also reminded me of some old faithful apps I’ve relied on for years. These free apps are amazing – what knowledge we have at our fingertips! Mobile Passport…

February 26, 2017
Travel With Lulu With Wings

Have Wings, Will Travel: When Plans Are Thwarted

  We are going to Jordan in a week. Our well-traveled friends have claimed Jordan to be one of their favorite destinations ever – amazing food, delightful people, and so much to see (Petra, Dead Sea, desert excursions). With two years of house renovations,…

December 21, 2016
5 Tips For A Fabulous Book Club

5 Tips for a Fabulous Book Club

As an English major in college, books always have been a part of my life. Well, that’s not totally true – I didn’t know reading could be enjoyable until a friend introduced me to books by Jackie Collins in high school. So whether it’s the Harry Potter series or airplane books that…

December 12, 2015
Pink Dogwood Cornus
California San Francisco Area

Some New Finds

To my Northern Hemispherians, Happy Spring! Especially to those hit hard by winter this year These dogwood beauties certainly put a smile on my face Sometimes you discover new things that you just gotta share Here’s just a few… I found a new way to…

March 22, 2015

Tips: Planning A European Vacation

Putting together a European vacation can be really overwhelming There are so many choices here I admit to finding myself frozen in indecision * * Thanks to the internet, we can save money (but not time) by becoming our own travel agents * Here…

July 11, 2012

The Wimbledon Queue

I wanted to attempt one of England’s summer traditions, The Wimbledon Queue * * But hearing stories of 3 hour waits and people camping out, I was feeling a bit nervous Then tipped off by a few friends, I learned the key is to…

June 27, 2012