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British Library Tour
England: London LITERATURE + FILM

British Library Tour

It’s interesting that in the world’s largest holding library you are unable to check out a book and need special permission to touch one.  While I had visited this library before, I went back for a proper tour just a few weeks ago. (There…

June 11, 2014
View of Parliament in London

21 Unique Things To Do In London

– When visiting London, of course you will visit the famous landmarks – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge – – But what if you have a teenager (or grown up) who needs to do more than just sightseeing? – Here’s 21 suggestions of experiences…

January 7, 2014
C.S. Lewis's Home
England: Berkshire + Oxfordshire HISTORY LITERATURE + FILM

C.S. Lewis

  – Last week I traveled to Oxford to visit the home of C.S. Lewis, who is famously known for writing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – Today, his home ‘The Kilns’ is not a museum but a residence that houses visiting scholars So many fun things…

November 6, 2013
Bond Girl For A Day Or Two
England: London

Bond Girl For A Day Or Two

While our book club has covered many wonderful authors and correlating activities this year, I have to say this James Bond study has been my favorite so far It has been ridiculously fun! – Here’s the lowdown… – Zipping through London along the River…

September 29, 2013
Rooftop Tour Of Hampton Court
England: Kent + Surrey HISTORY

Rooftop Tour Of Hampton Court

Hampton Court is best known as the grand palace of King Henry VIII (the one with six wives) and is situated just outside London – It is also famous for its 411 chimneys, many of which I saw up close on a recent rooftop tour…

September 18, 2013
Tour the Houses of Parliament
England: London HISTORY

A Day In The Houses Of Parliament

  Claude Monet’s The Houses of Parliament, Sunset (1903) –source– – A gorgeous Gothic landmark with a famous Clock Tower, I was really excited to see inside the Palace of Westminster – Once a royal medieval palace and now a major center of politics, this building…

March 21, 2013
Tour the BBC
England: London HISTORY

BBC Tour

And let me just say, BBC and Big Ben have been my two favorite tours since living here. I love my BBC media access tag {to keep!}. I wonder if it would work as a backstage pass at a concert? I didn’t expect to enjoy the…

January 14, 2012