Little Free Library

June 3, 2016

When I first moved back to the US in 2014, I stopped by my local hardware store to have a piece of wood cut. While waiting in line, the man next to me was giddy about his latest project and eager to chat. He was building a Little Free Library. I’d never heard of one.

Little Free Library

Santa Rosa, California

The old concept of ‘take book, leave a book’ achieved a new level when Todd Bol from Wisconsin built a wooden box in the shape of a schoolhouse as a book exchange in 2009. Placed in his front yard, neighbors and friends loved the idea. He built more to give away, and with its popularity, an international movement was created.

Currently there are 40,000 Little Free Libraries across the globe, reaching as far as Australia, Japan, India, and Germany.

To join the worldwide community, the nonprofit organization requests a one-time $40 registration fee. There are no rules as to the Library’s design. Conveniently, kits are available for purchase.

I see more Libraries popping up around neighborhoods in California. Have you spied any in your area?

Little Free Library website

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